The research project Mijn Stad Rotterdam

A lot of scientific research about city life speaks about citizens rather than with citizens. The research project 'My Rotterdam' wants to change that. As part of the research program Vital Cities and Citizens, we aim to learn from citizens what they feel is important in their city, what works well, and what could be improved. After all, who better to discuss life in the city than the people who live there?




Start: 01.11.2021
End: 01.05.2022


About this research

In this study, we gathered information on city life through qualitative interviews with inhabitants of Rotterdam in November and December 2021 and January 2022. We invited them to share their vision on different aspects of city life with us during interviews of 45-60 minutes. This way, we want to gain more insight into the elements that define urban life according to residents themselves.

Uncovering recurring views on urban life

For the second part of the study, we formulate statements about life in the city based on information and insights from the interviews. In March, April and May 2022, these statements are presented to residents of Rotterdam, who can rank the statements according to their own insight. Based on the results of this ranking, we can identify groups of citizens who share similar views on life in their city.

By Rotterdam residents, for Rotterdam residents

With this research, we aim to make the voice of a diverse group of Rotterdam residents heard. This way, 'My Rotterdam' strives to contribute to Rotterdam city life. For instance, by making concrete recommendations to the municipality of Rotterdam and other local actors based on what the residents consider to be crucial for the quality of life in the city. We will also share the insights derived from the research in a creative and accessible way with the general public.

Dr. Petra de Jong, dr. Jose Nederhand, Romy Gerritsen, Britt Boeddha van Dongen, and the citizens of Rotterdam


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