The exceptionalism of our university resides in our locations, our histories and traditions, our experiences and the superdiverse nature of our student bodies. The differentiated vision of UNIC is that the cities are vital partners. Our universities work hand-in-hand with city institutions to ensure that urban issues feed into teaching and research in a manner that is accessible and inclusive for all learners. UNIC is inclusive, non-traditional, urban, and unique.

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UNIC’s aim is to unlock a truly European experience for a new generation of students who will advance the post-industrial transformations of our cities. Highly-skilled graduates and new scientific disciplines that respond to the needs of the changing economy are in great demand, while deep technological and structural changes are affecting both how we teach and how we learn. We believe that universities in post-industrial cities are ideally placed to rethink and redesign higher education, and we believe the only way to do that is by empowering our students to co-create the UNIC University together with staff and city stakeholders.

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While the UNIC University is currently in the early stages of development, we continuously strive to secure a future as one of the prestigious European Universities back by the European Commission. The UNIC University originated as an alliance between ten universities, but endeavors to be a leading international institution that celebrates its European origins, while remaining an open an inclusive environment for all types of learners.

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