UNIC CityLabs Resilient Zagreb: Management and human resources in times of crisis

Management and human resources in times of crisis

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University of Zagreb


Start: 14.05.2021
End: 14.05.2021


City of Zagreb , Health cities network

In this city lab session we have disscused issues of knowledge and capacities for crisis. This included professionals specialised in crisis management, knowledge of general practitioners to work during crisis and common skills and knowledge that citizens have in times of crisis. In this session we have discussed how students and volunteer groups can be engaged in crisis managment and linked with mainstream services.


63 participants

  • 42 students
  • 14 academics
  • 5 representatives from local government
  • 2 field experts

Brief description of the results/findings

  • Sthrenghts have been detected in following: Dealing with the crisis has been made possible by rapidly mobilized and dedicated professionals in a number of services
  • Zagreb has competent individuals for complex and risky rescue operations
  • Capacities are insufficient in following aspects:
  • Lack of knowledge and skills among general professionals to work during crises, as well as the management of public systems in times of crisis
  • Lack of a special crisis budget for institutions, insufficient investment in staff (supervision, organization, education) Lack of a system of coordination and planned activation of volunteers, students and para-professionals in crises


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