UNIC rethinks the role of students in our institution.

UNIC University offers a dynamic and diverse student experience that provides learners with the space to investigate, develop, and thrive in their vibrant urban environments. At universities in post-industrial cities, the possibilities to learn from different perspectives on how to tackle contemporary challenges are endless. The UNIC campuses are places where students are taken out of their academic bubble into everyday life in the city. Our students have the opportunity to actively participate in the transformation of society by developing an understanding of local city environments and by creating research-based solutions to its problems and challenges.


Fair inclusion means making everyone feel welcome and appreciated. It means understanding differences and using them to everyone’s advantage. UNIC takes inclusion to a higher level at our universities and serves as a model for inclusive universities that are well-prepared for the superdiverse future of our European Education Area.


The UNIC University has a high number of non-traditional students from different backgrounds (culture, class, ethnicity, religion, age, etc.). Our student populations are ‘superdiverse’ in their socio-economic and socio-cultural composition and this superdiversity offers a unique opportunity to explore and create the most sustainable pathways to boost European student mobility.


The differentiated vision of our alliance is that the cities are vital partners and our universities work hand-in-hand with city institutions to ensure that urban issues feed into teaching and research in a manner that will be accessible and inclusive for all learners.


The uniqueness of our UNIC alliance resides in our locations, our histories and traditions, our experience and the superdiverse nature of our student bodies. We are co-creating a European collaborative structure together with students, university staff, and city stakeholders.

Train instead of plane scheme

UNIC goes green!

UNIC promotes green mobility to keep the ecological footprint of our European University as small as possible. With our Train instead Plane (TIP) opportunity, we provide 15 grants per year for students who commit to traveling by train when they start their study abroad as an exchange student at one of the UNIC universities.

UNIC broadened my worldview by creating a unique environment to collaborate and learn from people of different backgrounds and perspectives. Diversity is redefined as the cornerstone of progress in the UNIC University.

Ertuğrul Baş
Koç University, Istanbul

UNIC is a big improvement for our European society. It gives current students the opportunity to leave a better future behind for future generations.

Rabia Demirelli
Ruhr University Bochum

UNIC University brings people together through diversity and inclusive education

Justine Cornet


Campus Woudestein Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA ROTTERDAM The Netherlands


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