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UNIC is united in our mission to revolutionize education and respond to the needs of our diverse populations as we co-create a unique study experience by structurally involving our students, research, staff, cities, civil society and urban companies in our university.

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Ten years from now, our students and staff will study, teach and work throughout Europe and act as change agents who will play a role in the transformation of our urban regions of the future.

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The ten universities unite as UNIC to:

Take inclusion to
the next level

by using the superdiverse settings of our post-industrial cities to unlock new European opportunities for all of our students.

Engage students

in real-world urban challenges with our city partners through initiatives such as CityLabs and to bring ‘science to the city’

Broaden mobility

for many non-traditional students, including members of new migrant communities and people living in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

Contribute to the resilience
and renaissance

of Europe’s post-industrial urban centres, by fostering a new generation of students with the knowledge, skills and societal consciousness to act as change-leaders, active citizens and builders of our common European future, shaping the European Education Area.