What is UNIC

UNIC, pronounced “unique”, is an alliance of ten universities rooted in ten specific post-industrial urban ecosystems, dedicated to unlocking new models of European learning, working and researching that will shape the university of the future. Our mission is boosting development of knowledge and co-creation through collaboration, innovation and inclusion, all for societal impact and improvement. Learn more about the ten UNIC universities:

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Our Identity

UNIC places inclusion and mobility at the core of a new European University, developing models for teaching and learning in “superdiverse” settings. To this end, UNIC promotes (and supports) what we call Engaged Research, and drives changes in institutional culture and academic governance within the alliance. The results, from handbooks on integrating mobility into existing university courses to joint masters programmes taught across eight university campuses, equip the next generation of global citizens with the 21st century skills and knowledge to address the challenges of changing urban contexts in Europe and beyond. The UNIC Identity is defined by our geographical spread, our members’ shared post-industrial history, and the immense diversity within the alliance.

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Our Vision

We will take inclusion to the next level, using our current expertise in superdiversity to broaden educational opportunities for non-traditional students, including members of new migrant communities and people living in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. We will engage students in real-world urban challenges with our city partners through initiatives such as City Labs, bringing ‘science to the city’ and contributing to the resilience and renaissance of Europe’s post-industrial urban centres. Our students and staff will study, teach and work throughout Europe, becoming change agents who will contribute to the ongoing transformation of our cities, ultimately building out a future for Europe.

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