Seminar about poverty, disabilities and social inclusion

Exchanging about challenges linked with social policies, poverty, disabilities and social inclusion


La Cité Miroir (Liège)


Start: 01.04.2022
End: 01.04.2022



The main objective of this session was to cross the expertises of two researchers from ULiège on poverty and inclusion, according to their respective fielwork (i.e. social policies and childhood and disabilities'studies) and to discuss with students from EUR (Tackling Inequalities Master)

  • Nicolas Jacquet (Researcher from the Faculty of Social Sciences - ULiège)
  • Marie Schitzler (Researcher from the Faculty of Social Sciences - ULiège)
  • Laura Beuker (ULiège)
  • Elsa Mescoli (ULiège)
  • Students from the Master (17)
  • Miyabi Babasaki (EUR)
  • Jiska Engelbert (EUR)
  • Jean-Michel Heuskin (Director of the Cité Miroir)

Nicolas Jacquet exposed us the links (through historical events and social policies)often made between criminalization and poverty and the linked tensions between duties and rights, notably.

Marie Schitzler exposed us a study of bio-legitimacy in South Africa (Disability, Welfare and Job creation programs)

Through their representation, the link between work and citizenship was questionned, so as the fact that disability is a liminal situation (that encompasses very different and "in between" situations)

During the discussion, working incentives were discussed, as procedures that are time consuming, that can also stigmatize people. The economic taxation was an other question, revealing the difficult equilibrium between social protection and its funding. The technologies (and their inclusivity / efficiency) were also discussed.


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