Festive events for D&I awareness

Several festive events are celebrated and organized for D&I awareness all year round at EUR.


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Every International Women's Day, we celebrate the multidimentional achievements of women with an action-packed programme. The 2023 programme consists of a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, a International Women's Day 2023 in collaboration with De Doelen in Rotterdam, a movie screening of 'Little Women", a showcase by Kunstzaken EUR of Women in Art, and programme lectures (with lunch) at the Erasmus MC.

Aside from that, the EUR community also joyously celebrates purple Friday, a day dedicated to our LGBTQIA+ members, with strong reiteration of our fundamental principles: no one should fear rejection or prejudice based on who they are or who they love. At EUR, a safe environment is fostered so that every member of the community is ready to have open conversations and feel secure in the institution.

The rainbow colored path on campus is recently opened as a milestone towards change at the institution. The path acts as a visual billboard to raise awareness and be vocal about the institution's position towards the topic: that everyone is welcomed at the university.

In 2022, for instance, International Women's Day was joined by 200 employees and students.

These are just one-day events, but it is an expression and a reminder of the diversity and inclusion values that the EUR community exercises on a daily basis.


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