Empowering the youth community

UNIC CityLabs organized an event on youth empowerment as a part of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022.


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Start: 03.11.2022
End: 03.11.2022


Oulu Youth Council ONE

UNIC CityLabs organised the Youth Empowerement event with the aim of identifying ways of engaging the youth community and discussing some of the greatest challenges affecting the youth in European cities. The workshop was part of the European Week of Regions and cities and it was opened to high school and university students, student unions, study councilors, academics, and city officials. The event was bilingual, English and Finnish with an on-site translator.

The event consisted of a panel of local experts as well as guided group discussions and ideation. The panelists brought their perspectives and engaged in discussions on different challenges around the youth empowerment theme:

  • Local challenges faced by youth
  • Consequences of the Ukraine invasion on the youth community in Europe
  • Youth’s role in building a greener, more inclusive and digital Europe & ways of becoming active and engaged citizens.


  • Total participants: 17
  • Total students: 10
  • Total Staff members: 2
  • Total representatives of societal stakeholder: 5

During the event the participants had the opportunity to discuss different challenges and look for potential solutions to combat these challenges. Some of the solutions identified by the audience were:

  • Accessibility- giving people a way to communicate
  • Breaking the restrictions
  • Active feedback
  • Knowledge
  • Community events that can bring people together
  • Slowing down, being happy with less and decreasing the hectic pace of life
  • Better regulations of social media, especially for young people
  • Addressing the mental health challenge by having guaranteed therapy and shorter waiting times


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