University of Oulu

Oulu, Finland

One of the northernmost universities in Europe, the University of Oulu is home to 13,000 students and many specialized research units.





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The University

  • The University of Oulu was founded in 1958 in support of the comprehensive development of Northern Finland. Students and staff of the University of Oulu represent more than 90 nationalities, making it a super-diverse hub of young talent from all over the world. 
  • The University works in close alliance with the city and other societal stakeholders to solve some of the greatest global challenges, including climate change, digitalization and lifelong health.
  • We welcome UNIC students from other UNIC universities to study with our students on our virtual courses. Read more and register on our website >

The City

  • The modern industry in Oulu and its region developed during the first half of the 20th century when pulp mills, chemical, and steel industries were founded. 
  • Nokia Group opened its first divisions in Oulu in 1973 and turned the city to a major stronghold of Nokia’s research and manufacturing. The collapse of Nokia’s cell phone business in the 2010’s had a big negative impact on the city of Oulu and its inhabitants. 
  • Currently the tech employment is higher than ever, thanks to a growing number of start-ups that have taken root in Oulu. Today Oulu is the fifth largest city in Finland.  
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University of Oulu and UNIC

The University of Oulu regards the UNIC cooperation to be a great European learning  opportunity:

  • Student-centered education UNIC is an opportunity that provides an excellent student experience, and encourages students and personnel to invent, test and discover new things.  
  • Challenge based learning approach in UNIC CityLabs enhances our university-wide ambition of societal impact in our teaching, research and administration. 
  • The UNIC Inter-University Campus and the differentiated mobility approaches help us in the university’s goal to internationalise the student experience and to encourage our students to participate in virtual or physical mobility opportunities.  
  • The UNIC superdiversity academy and superdiverse classroom help us to increase inclusivity in our university.

Aims and Activities

The following key aims and activities of the University of Oulu are directly relevant to the further development of UNIC:

  • We are a founding member of the Oulu Innovation Alliance (since 2009) which seeks to strengthen Oulu as an international urban area and a top spot for business growth and new openings. The knowledge and experience gathered in this regional ecosystem will be used to strengthen the further local, regional, national and EU development of the UNIC Alliance and its partners.
  • Our University Innovation Centre is based on the acknowledgement of collaboration between companies and universities being a critical driver of the innovation economy. University Innovation Centre creates impact for example by connecting business and research, and this expertise will be used in CityLabs for the further development of UNIC. 

  • Readiness to deepen interaction between education and rapidly changing working life, as well as societal impact, shows in our curricula. This includes increasing options for continuous studies for adult learners. The culture of curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit of students and researchers is strengthened by offering courses in entrepreneurship and organizing innovation challenge events for UNIC's students. 

  • Oulu is a leading university in the development of 6G and 7G wireless network. As Oulu is a pioneer in creating and understanding our digital future, our goal is to be the pioneer within UNIC in the digital breakthroughs for work and education, utilizing online and blended learning methods.  

  • In the city of Oulu a collaboration hub called Business Asema provides a home-base for the CityLabs in Oulu with FabLab facilities and a platform for associate partners, students and academics to collaborate.

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