Buddies Coupled: Community Event with the IDEA Center


Theil Building, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Start: 13.04.2023


IDEA Center

On 13 April 2023, UNIC co-organized the Community Event of the IDEA Center. Under the slogan ‘Celebrate your Culture’ students came together to celebrate interculturalism and diversity. All EUR students, staff and PhD student were invited. UNIC hosted the first part of the event which included a matchmaking activity for 1st year students who were paired with 3rd year and master students to discuss tips and tricks related to student life in general. The 3rd year and master students (called ‘buddies’ hereafter) were recruited prior to the event and were informed about the topics to discuss with the 1st year students. We prepared a bowl with cards. On each card a topic was written which related to student life. During the activity the buddies then took a card out of the bowl and started an open discussion with the 1st year students about the topic. The 1st year students were also encouraged to ask questions about the topic if they had any. The topics were:

• Exchange Possibilities

• Student services (student psychologists, study advisor, ombudsfunctionaris, career advisor, examination board, educational office, SMF etc.) at university

• Networking at uni

• Diversity, Inclusion and accessibility at campus

• Student Wellbeing

• Finding a (student) Job in Rotterdam and/or at Erasmus University

• Unwanted behavior & confidential counselors (vertrouwenspersoon)

• Building a CV and tips

• Associations on campus

• Internship possibilities

• Housing

• Living in Rotterdam

• Sense of belonging at EUR

The buddies that we recruited were all students that were already familiar with UNIC or had experience with UNIC. Prior to the event they were also briefed about how to promote UNIC activities to the 1st year students and explain them about UNIC and its possibilities for students.

20 students participated in the buddy coupling activity with UNIC, including 1st year, 3rd year and master students of EUR.

Events such as these, where students who already have experience with UNIC talk to other students who do not have experience with UNIC yet or do not even know what UNIC is, helps to create more visibility for UNIC within the university. It works well when it’s students who talk about UNIC to other students, instead of staff (since they have a different role and status and are usually a bit older, this creates a gap). It’s especially worthwhile to approach 1st year students because they just started their journey on the university and therefore there is a big chance that they will participate in one if the UNIC offers in the upcoming years.


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