UNIC Seminar: Equality and Diversity in Post-Industrial Landscapes

This event explores the relation between post-industrial cities, universities and gender inequality.

On 2 March at 15:00 CET, UNIC is hosting a seminar on Equality and Diversity in Post-Industrial Landscapes.  Join the seminar to to reflect on the configuration of post-industrial urban environments and gender inequality and the role that universities can play in the reconversion and transformation of these urban environments.

To understand how gender inequalities are generated in urban space, and how different types of discrimination against women develop, attention must be paid to the relationship between gender roles and economic models of production, as well as their determination in space configuration. 

In this event, after an initial presentation on the main approaches from literature to gender and urbanism, we will invite the participants to revisit their cities with the “gender glasses” inspired by the example of Bilbao. In the seminar, we will take a “virtual guided tour” of Bilbao from a historical and geographical perspective through the figure of key women in its history. In order to facilitate the exchange between participants, we would like to ask participants to identify 2 or 3 key points in their city that could be a “stop” in a feminist review of their city.

The seminar will combine theoretical presentations with participatory dynamics that encourage dynamism and practical application. 


  • María López Belloso: PhD in Human Rights, she is a lecturer and researcher at University of Deusto Social and Human Sciences Faculty. She is currently working in different EU funded projects, such as Gearing Roles, Socio Bee or Resistire. See profile.

  • Marta Ezquerecocha Díez: with a background in Political Sciences and intervention in cases of violence against women, she is a research assistant and PhD student at University of Deusto. See profile.

Language: English

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