UNIC Superdiversity Academy Seminar Series

Join the UNIC Superdiversity Academy Seminar Series hosted by University College Cork.

As part of the UNIC European University initiative, UCC’s Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21), in conjunction with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Unit and Access UCC is hosting a seminar series focused on theme of superdiversity. The term superdiversity underlines the growing complexity of diversity, reflecting the increasing prominence of complex mixtures and intersectionalities of ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, (dis)ability, economic status, legal status and many other aspects. Part of the aim of UNIC is to explore what superdiversity means for the higher education space as well as our wider city and communities.

The seminar series aims to begin a series of conversations on the concept and will feature a range of speakers and panellists from UCC and outside, including academics and NGO representatives. We welcome all UNIC staff and students to attend and join the discussions. Sessions will take place via MS Teams and further details for each seminar will follow in due course.

Date Event
Monday 28th February, 11am-12.30pm

Seminar 1: 'Exploring superdiversity: A critical roundtable discussion'

The Superdiversity Academy Series will begin with a critical roundtable discussion which aims to open up the concept of superdiversity.

Speakers: Dr. Claire Dorrity, School of Applied Social Studies; Dr. Steve O’Brien, School of Education. 

Panellists: Dr. Naomi Masheti, Co-ordinator, Cork Migrant Centre, Dr Avril Hutch, Director, EDI Unit, Dr. Denis Linehan, Department of Geography.

Monday 28th March, 11-12.30pm

Seminar 2: 'The University as a superdiverse space'

This seminar will explore the implications of superdiversity for the higher education space.

Speakers/panellists: TBC.

Thursday 7th April, 11am-12.30pm

Seminar 3: 'Exploring welfare bricolage in Europe’s superdiverse neighbourhoods: A new concept for an age of complexity'

Speaker: Professor Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration & Superdiversity, Department of Social Policy, Sociology & Criminology, University of Birmingham

Abstract: Migration-driven diversity means that European cities are becoming increasingly superdiverse; however, our ways of undertaking welfare research and the ways in which services are delivered have yet to adapt to account for superdiversification processes. This seminar talk will introduce the concept of ‘welfare bricolage’, using it as a mechanism to explore the structures and rationales underpinning need and action, and how resources are connected across welfare regimes and borders and within locales.

Tuesday 17th May 2-3.30pm

Seminar 4: 'Some epistemic implications of living with 'difference'


Speaker: Dr Julius Elster, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Youth Studies, London Metropolitan University

Tuesday to Thursday 17th-19th May

Superdiversity Summer School

Further seminar talks & workshops will be held as part of UCC’s UNIC Superdiversity School, a three-day event being organised in conjunction with UCC’s UNIC partners. This event will include a series of talks and workshops related to the concept of superdiversity and will bring together staff from across the eight UNIC universities. More details to follow.

For questions, please contact: susan.calnan@ucc.ie.

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