Lifelong Learning Workshop 8: How Universities and Learning Cities Support Learners Inclusively

The UNIC Lifelong Learning Workshop Series returns with with ACE at University College Cork, presenting the 8th and final workshop in the series!

Wednesday, 14th June at 9.00a.m. (Ir. Time), 10.00a.m. (CEST) with a duration of one hour.
The MSTeams link for this event is: | There is no need to register. 

How Universities and Learning Cities Support Learners Inclusively

Cork City, Ireland is part of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities which currently has 229 active member cities throughout 55 countries. In recent years, Adult Continuing Education (ACE) at University College Cork has been part of a citywide partnership of active leadership that promotes lifelong learning within the university city of Cork. The work and activity of the Learning City incorporates principles of inclusion that enable people of all ages, from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, to benefit from equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities.

Dr Séamus ÓTuama, Director of Adult Continuing Education (ACE) will present on the work of the Learning Cities, where University College Cork in conjunction with other city based educational institutions, government agencies and community-based organisations foster Lifelong Learning opportunities across the city of Cork, inclusive of all. Learning Cities effectively mobilise resources from cross sectoral sources to promote inclusive learning from basic to higher education.

Dr Séamus ÓTuama is the Director of Adult Continuing Education (ACE) at University College Cork. ACE has over 100 programmes on offer annually with an excess of 3,000 students. Dr ÓTuama is also chair of the ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub in addition to a number of national and international bodies concerned with lifelong learning. He is also part of the Cork based team of the Global Network of Learning Cities.

Chair: Déirdre O’Byrne 

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