UNIC Lightning Bites – Agents of Intelligence: Open Discussion on AI (Session 6)

In this session we wrapped up some of the issues there were raised during previous AI lightning bites sessions, concerning current experiences and ideas but also taking look to the challenging future ahead of us. Discussion session was organized in a way that other participants can share their views and experiences.

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Start: 13.09.2023
End: 13.09.2023


Koç University , University of Oulu , Koc University , Erasmus University Rotterdam , Ruhr University Bochum , University of Liege

47 (including students, academics, university staff members, practitioners)

In this discussion participants reflected on nine questions that covered current and future issues. They reflected on their current experience on AI, how they assess their AI literacy and what was an idea that cought their attention in past three days during other sessions. In second part they shared their views on some thoughts and concerns around AI, but also had an opportunity to share knowledge about some interesting initatives in UNIC universities. In final part participants expressed their opinions about the future, but also gave some suggestions what UNIC as an alliance could do in this matter. Full report with responds from participants is aviailable in SURVEY REPORT attachment.


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