UNIC is committed to supporting and strengthening staff, no matter where you are located. We promote the growth of our thought leaders through our staff mobility opportunities and our models of practice. Staff have access to both traditional programs and more innovative instruments like the Teaching the Teachers Trainings and our Job Shadowing opportunities.

Teaching the Teachers Trainings

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Job Shadowing Opportunities

Academic and administration staff have the opportunity to travel to a UNIC partner university to take part in job shadowing.

The first job shadowing opportunities will take place in 2021. Sign up for the our newsletter to hear more about job shadowing at a UNIC partner university.

UNIC Course Catalog

UNIC's multidisciplinary course catalogue, intended as a reference for academic staff, contains courses taught in English within the alliance's universities’ study programs, with the aim of achieving inter-university mobility by enabling customized learning experiences. The catalogue is updated annually, and courses may be either virtual or on-site.

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