The UNIC University is proud of its superdiverse student population.

Superdiversity is a term which has gained prominence in studies on migration and diversity, and signals a changing nature of diversity in 21st century societies.

It captures the growing social complexity of diversity, which challenges simplified ways of thinking about diversity (such as along clear ethnic or group-lines). This social complexity is manifested in the growing prominence of complex mixtures (and intersectionalities) of ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, social status, economic status, legal status, lifestyle and many other aspects.

The superdiversity in our post-industrial areas foreshadows a development towards increasing diversity throughout European society.

The strong presence of ‘non-traditional’ students at UNIC universities is one of the specific manifestations of superdiversity, involving students with diverse migratory, socio-economic or socio-cultural backgrounds. The concept of superdiversity offers the chance of better understanding and cooperation between different groups and across different spheres specific for the students of our universities.

UNIC is in a perfect position to address and to harness the transformational potential of superdiversity for the future of Europe in our Superdiversity Academy.

The Superdiversity Academy develops innovative pedagogical models foruniversities to become ''superdiversity-ready".

Based on the research expertise on superdiversity within UNIC, we are prepared to equip universities with inclusive teaching models. Our staff and researchers are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, which celebrates our superdiversity and shifts to a broader social perspective.

By joining UNIC theoretical and practical expertise in the Superdiversity Academy and involving our superdiverse students to co-create superdiversity teaching and learning scenarios and reach out to the cities, we push diversity and inclusion to the next level. Through the excellent research conducted in our Academy, UNIC is a leader in European superdiversity research and education and our practices provide a model for the inclusive universities of Europe’s future.

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