Integration and cultural diversity; focus on racism - Anti-discrimination policy in institutions


Rotunde, Bochum


Start: 10.08.2023
End: 10.08.2023


City of Bochum

The aim of this UNIC CityLab was to provide the participants with specific recommendations for action to combat racism in institutions and to counteract the possibility of racism occurring, based on the problems and issues identified in the first UNIC CityLab. Besides a panel discussion on the topic of the event, participants could choose between the following workshops

  • "Who has the power? Making (white) privilege visible"
  • "Empowerment and Safer Spaces for People Experiencing Racism"
  • "Anti-discrimination policy in institutions - guidelines, advice and more"

to discuss certain aspects in more depth with the facilitator and other participants.

108 participants including: researchers, students, university staff members and city representatives.

  • 20 students
  • 12 researchers
  • 4 university staff members
  • 23 city representatives
  • 34 societal stakeholders
  • 5 citizens
  • 10 further participants

Workshop "Anti-discrimination policy in institutions - guidelines, advice and more" It is important for institutions that want to establish an anti-discrimination policy to establish several building blocks of anti-discrimination work in parallel. First, discrimination risks in the institution must be identified, e.g. through surveys or status quo analyses. Based on the findings, guidelines or a code of conduct to combat discrimination could be developed and adopted for the institution. Similarly, contact persons and low-threshold counselling and complaints offices should be established and made known within the institution. Continuous information about the counselling and complaints offices is then important in the central communication channels of the institution so that the existence of these offices is not forgotten. This should be supported by the institution's management by offering training on prevention as well as support for empowerment and networking. In addition, it is necessary to address those people who might be affected by discrimination by informing them about the newly established structures. For those people who think that the issue of racism does not concern them, factual arguments are needed to explain to them why the issue of racism is also relevant to them.


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