UNIC statement in support of Ukraine

The European University of Post-Industrial Cities stands with Ukraine.

UNIC is deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. As a European University with 8 universities from various parts in Europe, we strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine and the aggression that has come with this invasion. We stand in solidarity with those who have to flee from Ukraine for their safety, with those who are in Ukraine and find themselves unable to continue living their lives and with those who for other reasons are at risk due to the invasion, including Russian students and scholars at risk due to speaking out against the invasion.

This is a moment for universities in Europe to stand together. Hence UNIC supports the statement by the European University Association on the situation in Ukraine and UNIC has co-signed a letter on the Ukrainian situation together with all 41 European University alliances.

Furthermore, the universities allied in UNIC stand together to support students, staff and scholars fleeing from Ukraine in any way we can. Our partner universities have taken various measures already; an overview can be found below this message. In the coming weeks, partners will step up collaborations in order to enhance the support that we can jointly provide. Also, UNIC will be exploring further opportunities to help people at risk due to the situation in Ukraine, as well as at risk in other parts of the world.

An overview of statements and actions from the universities in UNIC:

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