UNIC gives students access to about 150 online internationally taught courses

A multidisciplinary course catalogue of more than 140 virtual courses taught in English is open for all UNIC students.

UNIC strives to provide limitless learning opportunities.  
One of UNIC’s ambitions is for students to be able to move seamlessly between our partner universities. By opening a multidisciplinary course catalogue for all UNIC students, the UNIC alliance offers its students the unique opportunity to register for international online courses at the ten UNIC partner universities. All courses are in English and organised virtually. Choose your courses for the upcoming semester. 

Registration for UNIC courses is open now. 

Courses are offered in nearly all disciplines and cover topics from computational neuroscience, innovation management, and urban history to the philosophy of science, renewable energy systems and Nordic mythology. Find the complete course catalogue and registration here. The catalogue is updated periodically with new courses.  If you are enrolled at one of the  UNIC universities, you are eligible to participate in the UNIC Opened Courses.  Each course is ECTS accredited. Please check with your academic advisor to see if you can include the credits in your degree.  

By studying within UNIC you get to know our partner universities and have a chance to connect with your fellow UNIC students across Europe.   Taking a course from another university can be a valuable cultural experience: Students of the Spring School of Entrepreneurship reported positive experiences from working with students and teachers from another country. They got to test new learning methods, got to experience different lecture styles and practice a multidisciplinary approach. Read more about cross-UNIC experiences of the Spring School from students and staff.

Teaching within UNIC can be a refreshing change to the usual academic semester.  

Students are not the only ones that benefit from the UNIC educational opportunities. Teaching an internationally offered course can be an equally fulfilling endeavor. True intercultural experiences and connections with new students are gained over a short period. The chance to offer UNIC partners a look into novel teaching methods and multidisciplinary work is especially motivating for academics. Some keys to success are good communication with students, for example letting them know when you are available to lower the threshold of reaching out, and testing different virtual platforms for collaboration to find the ones that work best for your course.  

Modifying a course to be executed virtually requires initial effort. However, once materials are online executing the course becomes routine. All virtual courses taught in English are welcome additions to the existing UNIC course catalogue. Teachers of courses can determine how many UNIC students they will admit to their course. For guidance on how to offer your course to the UNIC student population, please contact your local UNIC coordinator. 

For more information about UNIC Opened Courses, please refer to the UNIC coordination teams at each partner university.

Erasmus University Rotterdam: unic@eur.nl

University College Cork: unic@ucc.ie

University of Oulu: unic@oulu.fi

University of Deusto: unic.ud@deusto.es

University of Zagreb: unic@unizg.hr

University of Liège: unic@uliege.be

University of Łódź: UNIC@uni.lodz.pl

Malmö University: unic@mau.se

Ruhr University Bochum: unicteam@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

Koç University: unic@ku.edu.tr

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