Presenting: the UNIC Virtual Mobility Declaration

UNIC is dedicated to advancing virtual mobility by fostering collaborative initiatives that offer our students greater access to such opportunities.

Virtual mobility represents an innovative leap in higher education by expanding internationalization opportunities, transcending geographical constraints, and fostering inclusive, sustainable, and technology- driven learning experiences. Recognizing the pivotal role virtual mobility plays in shaping the universities of tomorrow, we at UNIC regard it as an invaluable conduit for students to immerse themselves in a European study experience, share European values, and cultivate essential skills for the 21st century.

Through this new UNIC VIRTUAL MOBILITY DECLARATION, the UNIC Alliance commits to virtual mobility for the following reasons: 

  • Enhanced Internationalization: Virtual mobility diversifies and amplifies internationalization
    opportunities, making them versatile throughout a student's educational journey. Unlike
    physical mobility's logistical constraints, virtual mobility adapts to various forms, enabling
    students to partake in European academic experiences tailored to their programs.

  • Inclusive Global Engagement: Virtual mobility fosters a comprehensive internationalization
    approach, offering equitable opportunities regardless of economic means or personal
    circumstances. Its accessibility serves as a stepping stone towards broader participation,
    encouraging engagement.

  • Sustainability in Learning: Embracing an environmentally conscious approach, virtual mobility
    offers a sustainable alternative. It significantly reduces carbon footprints compared to physical
    journeys, aligning with responsible academic pursuits.

  • Catalyst for Exploration: Virtual mobility incentivizes and overcomes barriers for students
    hesitant to travel abroad. It cultivates cross-cultural collaboration, inspiring participation and
    facilitating transitions to in-person mobility experiences.

📝  Read more about our commitments and download the full declaration here! 

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