VMP - Gender and equality from an institutional perspective: round table

This UNIC CityLabs event aimed to explore the gender from an institutional perspective with experts from the UNIC alliance and introduce different strategies and actions. The event focused on a general presentation and was followed by a round table with specific actions and points of view from each university.

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Start: 06.06.2023
End: 06.06.2023


Manon Godbille is a compagny lawyer at the university of Liège. She moderated the round table of the VMP by asking specific questions to the speakers like :

  • Could you give us some of the notable achievements and victories brought about by the Advisory Board ? What about the future?
  • In the light of your research, and over and above attractiveness, have you been able to implement solutions at institutional level? If so, which ones?
  • In your action plans linked to the platform, you have taken measures to combat violence against women. Can you name some? How have they been implemented at institutional level?


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