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Start: 21.03.2023


In the setting of a virtual meeting platform, fruitful dialogues were sparked around strategies to build compelling new networks between UNIC cities, identify common challenges and explore how UNIC European Universities and the framework of Engaged Research can have a positive impact.

The featured speaker at the VMP was Arwin van Buuren, Professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as founder and Academic Director of the Erasmus Governance Design Studio. Furthermore, he is also the initiatior and Academic Director of GovLab010, a collaboration between then EUR and the city of Rotterdam, with the ambition to tackle complex governance challenges in an engaged, solution-oriented way.

With the presence of Prof. Dr. Arwin van Burren, the VMP was a meeting point to strengthen the network between the UNIC cities, identify common challenges to work in the coming years, and give directions for impact creation within the cities.


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