UNIC Lightning Bites - The role of mother language in shaping identity, resilience, and opportunity

Two students from the Turkish Student Association ''Mozaik'' in Rotterdam will give a session about the role of Turkish as a mother language in their lives and its significance.

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Start: 21.02.2024
End: 21.02.2024


Student Association Mozaik

In this session, Fatih Acer and Zühal Turan, two students from Erasmus University Rotterdam's Turkish student association: Mozaik revealed insights about having Turkish as their first language and the impact of it on their Dutch student lives. In addition, they walked us through a wide range of activities and events that Mozaik has hosted for fellow (Turkish) students on the theme of this language.

Fatih Acer and Zühal Turan - EUR students, members of Mozaik - EUR's Turkish Student Association 18 participants


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