UNIC Lightning Bites: Agents of Intelligence (Series 1-6)

The CityLabs ‘Lightning Bites’ series aims to support thought leadership through harnessing the collective knowledge and expertise in our cities towards co-creating more equitable and sustainable futures.

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Online via Zoom


Start: 11.09.2023
End: 13.09.2023


The UNIC CityLabs ‘Lightning Bites’ Series provide 30min lightening bites: short talks from diverse perspectives and addressing the societal challenge themes faced by our cities in transition.They provide a platform to cross-fertilize thinking and action across the alliance. Through the CityLabs ’Lightning Bites’ series we invite speakers to share their experience, expertise and ideas for action, and invite wider campus/public engagement with the topic through interactive experiences on campus or in the city.

Between September 11-13th 2023, 13:30-14:30 CET, CityLabs ran the first series of online lightening talks on the topic of AI, “Agents of Intelligence - How AI is changing how we are working, teaching and learning?” Connecting across the 10 Universities campuses, the short talks invited students, staff and other stakeholders to consider the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. The series, compsed of six sessions, was held online via Zoom and was targeted to academics, researchers, students, and citizen interested in the topic of AI.The Lightening Bites sessions involved a 15-minute talk and 10-minute Q&A.

For more detailed info regarding the six sessions, please check the following links:

Total number of participants: 533


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