UNIC Lightning Bites – Agents of Intelligence: AI Literacy (Session 3)

The topic of this Lightning Bites session was AI Literacy in the context of higher education.

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Online via Zoom


Start: 12.09.2023
End: 12.09.2023


The speaker of this session was Dr. Jari Laru (Ph.D, M.Ed.)​

An experienced Educational Technologist and Designer with years of experience for supporting learning and teaching with contemporary digital solutions, including AI. Dr. Laru works as a tenured University tenured Lecturer and Educational Technologist in the Faculty of Education, University of Oulu where he is a member of the Learning and Educational Technology Group (LET). He also works for Generation AI -project that builds a foundation on technology education that takes into account the operating principles of artificial intelligence, the opportunities it offers and the dynamic effects - without forgetting its shortcomings and risks or how artificial intelligence systems can increase confrontation, discrimination, insecurity and erode trust.

During the session Dr. Laru gave a short overview of what does AI Literacy mean, why does it matter, how can one train AI Literacy skills, and what does that mean in practice in the context of higher education. After his presentation, participants had the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session.

If you are interested in the recording of this session, please check the gallery section!

Total participants: 155


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