Tori & Lokita : Screening of the film by Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne (Ciné-débat)

Reflect on the migration issue: analysis and deconstruction.


Cinémas Sauvenière Place Xavier-Neujean, 14 4000 Liège


Start: 01.12.2022
End: 01.12.2022


The film poses a central question, that of the “relations of domination” at the origin of inequalities and social violence on both a local and global scale. The analysis and deconstruction of these relationships is precisely the theme that Eclosio has chosen for its new programme of education for global citizenship and solidarity with the university community.

The debate will allow to reflect on the migration issue and in particular on the levers in the hands of the university community in the analysis and deconstruction of these relationships and the construction of a more just and inclusive society.

The evening will be an opportunity to hear the voices of civil society, through the association ATF MENA, the association of French-speaking guardians of unaccompanied foreign minors, as well as a researcher from Cedem, the Centre for Ethic and Migration studies, and the voices of students involved with Eclosio. The event is part of the wider UNIC CITYLABS framework.

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Participants: University community


UNIC CityLabs | UNIC Superdiversity Academy

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