Tackling Inequalities Honours Programme Study Trip to Bochum


Ruhr University Bochum


Start: 15.05.2023
End: 16.05.2023


Ruhr University Bochum

"On the 15th and 16th of May 2023, 25 students from seven EUR faculties participating in the Tackling Inequalities Masters Honours Programme went on a study trip/ excursion to Bochum, Germany, where one of the universities in the UNIC network (European University of Post-Industrial Cities) Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), is located. Since one of the main topics of the honours programme is to learn about the challenges and opportunities of post-industrial cities like Rotterdam, the trip to Bochum was a provoking experience for us to think of ways to tackle inequalities differently.

Bochum is a lesser-known German city with a unique industrial legacy organised around the heavy mining industry that boomed from the 60s until the start of the century. It is home to one of the largest universities in Western Europe and has a diverse population with a high proportion of migrants inhabiting the city."

25 students from seven EUR faculties participating in the Tackling Inequalities Masters Honours Programme

The Tackling Inequality honours students brought and exchanged their insights on Rotterdam’s inequalities through their experiences working with Rotterdam’s civil actors. The trip made us realise that despite different industrial past, Bochum and Rotterdam are similar in many ways - Like the city of Rotterdam, Bochum feels down to earth and edgy, and the architecture and aesthetics has a sprinkle of roughness. Beyond the looks and feelings, we also met students and locals who expressed their pride in their working-class culture. What resonates the most, and similarly to Rotterdam, is how citizens tackle inequalities through bottom-up initiatives. For students and the university work together with civil actors is vital for the post-industrial cities like Rotterdam and Bochum. This enriching trip gives us a new perspective on our role as a university, students, and scholars in the Rotterdam society.


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