Quality ageing in post-industrial cities

Forum of knowledge dissemination among academia, citizens, government and students around ageing well, which will give city stakeholders a comprehensive vision of this current challenge

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University of Deusto


Start: 15.06.2021
End: 15.06.2021


Bilbao City Council , Basque Service for Integration and Intercultural Coexistence

With a growing elderly population in the specific context of post-industrial cities, our municipalities and social partners have already had to start working on solving this important challenge. It is important not only to adapt to changing demographic figures, but also to offer the elderly a quality of life that includes different services and opportunities.

On this occasion and considering the context of the city of Bilbao, María Jesús Monteagudo (Professor and Researcher at the University of Deusto), Hilario Peréz Meñica (Bilbao citizen), Kontxi Claver (Director of Social Action, Bilbao City Council), Carolina Fetescu (Representative of Biltzen - Basque Service for Integration and Intercultural Coexistence of the Basque Government), Pablo Alberto Huidobro and Marina Delgado (UD Students) shared their experience, initiatives, opinions and considerations to improve ageing in our cities.

Panellists: 6

Students: 22

Staff members: 18

Representatives of societal stakeholder: 4

The panellists concluded that the challenge of ageing well in the post-industrial era goes beyond our health systems. On the contrary, it must consider different aspects of today's cities: leisure, facilities, accessibility, education, isolation, safety, security, etc. Thus, it makes city actors consider different perspectives when designing and implementing their policies and initiatives aimed at and implementing their policies and initiatives aimed at the older population.


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