The Power of Exchange: International Staff Week on Gender Equality

The inaugural International Staff Week on Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education, hosted by Koç University in 2023, marked a significant step towards fostering collaboration and innovation in the realm of gender equality within the higher education ecosystem.

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Start: 08.05.2023
End: 12.05.2023


Organized by the newly established Gender Equality Office (GEO), this highly popular event united academics and professionals from diverse backgrounds in a comprehensive exploration of gender mainstreaming best practices, knowledge exchange, and meaningful discussions. From May 8th to May 12th, participants engaged in a dynamic and enlightening week-long program that encapsulated the spirit of cooperation and innovation. Despite being the event's first run, it drew 16 participants from 10 different European countries, demonstrating its wide-reaching appeal. The International Staff Week’s key objective was to facilitate a collective dialogue among gender equality practitioners, administrators, and academics, enabling them to exchange insights and expertise while learning from one another's experiences.

The event's significance was underlined by its alignment with Koç University’s commitment to inclusivity within academia and its aim to drive gender equality forward within the higher education landscape. Each day of the Staff Week featured engaging sessions and workshops, strategically designed to catalyze knowledge exchange and meaningful dialogue across various facets of gender mainstreaming in higher education. Sessions throughout the week addressed critical areas of concern, including work-life balance, student services, superdiversity, leadership, medical education, gender-inclusive teaching, arts and drama, and the implementation of gender equality plans. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in compelling discussions, deepening their understanding of these subjects and exploring strategies to drive positive change. This International Staff Week exemplified the power of collaboration and innovation to advance gender equality in higher education. As an integral platform for practitioners, administrators, and academics to exchange insights, challenges, and strategies, this event transcended borders, inspiring meaningful change within the higher education landscape. Due to the remarkable success of this inaugural endeavor, the second edition is scheduled for May 2024, with a commitment to continue annually, each year with a theme focused on different aspects of gender mainstreaming in higher education. This continuity ensures the ongoing propagation of gender equality within academia.

A summary report for the International Staff Week coud be found here.


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