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The minor "From Science to Society" addresses three crucial topics that will help future professionals comprehend how to affect society: 1) science communication, 2) open science & 3) engagement of the public. The measurement of a scientist's effectiveness has essentially shifted from having publications in journals with high reputation such as Nature and Science to the level of social impact. Through this minor, students are equipped with a socially-sensitive mindset and necessary skillsets to resolve problems that hamper of challenge the translation and implementation of scientific findings to society.

Erasmus MC are putting necessary emphasis on training doctors who are well prepared for new technological developments with high social engagement. This program is supported by Impact at the Core, as new skills (ex: how to critically analyse a real-life societal problem related to healthcare, how to manage a project, how to collaborate with peers, etc.) are provided to students with a view to real societal impact.

‘From Science to Society’ is based upon the principles of project-based project learning: under a mentor's supervision, the students will work on a problem over the weeks. Competence-focused education on effective collaboration, leadership and communication will be provided to guide student groups.


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