Learning from Engaged Research Best Practice Seminar (Part I)

Watch back: in this seminar researchers showcase exemplars and share their practice insights for best practice Engaged Research.

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Start: 19.01.2022


Chairing the event Dr Martin Galvin, Head of Civic and Community Engagement, University College Cork in coversation with the following presenters in this first of a series of seminars on Learning from Engaged Research Best Practice from the UNIC Engaged Research Strategy Forum:

  • Dr Catherine Elsen, University of Liege: InterAct Research Lab presenting on ‘Ageing well in post-industrial territories’

  • Dr Johanna Leinonen, Academy Research Fellow, History, Culture and Communication Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Dr Johanna Hiitola, University lecturer, Gender Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Oulu, Finland presenting on ‘Mobile Futures: Diversity, Trust, and Two-Way Integration’

  • Dr Roberto San Salvador del Valle, University of Deusto: Cities Lab Katedra presenting on ‘New habitats for human development'

  • Professor Fergus Shanahan, University College Cork, APC Microbiome presenting on ‘Microbiome Study of Irish Travellers’

Seminar Available to Watch Here:

Almost 150 people registered to attend this online event from across the UNIC Alliance. The seminar was open for all to attend and ran as part of the online Engaged Research Strategy Forum programme in January 2022. The online programme included a number of workshops with key stakeholders in advance of the in person Forum gathering taking place in Cork, Ireland in March 2022. The online workshops included 'CityLabs and Engaged Research', a workshop on 'Mapping Engaged Research within and across UNIC' and finally a workshop on 'Building a Common Understanding of Engaged Research across UNIC'.


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