Integration and cultural diversity; focus on racism - Empowerment and Safer Spaces


Rotunde, Bochum


Start: 10.08.2023
End: 10.08.2023


City of Bochum

The aim of this UNIC CityLab was to provide the participants with specific recommendations for action to combat racism in institutions and to counteract the possibility of racism occurring, based on the problems and issues identified in the first UNIC CityLab. Besides a panel discussion on the topic of the event, participants could choose between the following workshops

  • "Who has the power? Making (white) privilege visible"
  • "Empowerment and Safer Spaces for People Experiencing Racism"
  • "Anti-discrimination policy in institutions - guidelines, advice and more"

to discuss certain aspects in more depth with the facilitator and other participants.

108 participants including: researchers, students, university staff members and city representatives.

  • 20 students
  • 12 researchers
  • 4 university staff members
  • 23 city representatives
  • 34 societal stakeholders
  • 5 citizens
  • 10 further participants

Workshop: "Empowerment and Safer Spaces for People Experiencing Racism"

In the workshop, the participants explored the question of what institutions can do to support the founding and establishment of safer spaces for BiPoC and developed concrete recommendations for action for all interested parties. In order to initiate a network / safer space, an initial analysis of the current situation in the institutions should be carried out to find out who is already working on the topic of diversity, whether there are already contact persons for BiPoC or existing/former safer spaces/networks for other diversity dimensions that could share their experiences? Next, define concrete goals and target groups, and work out measures to achieve the goals and possible challenges. For this purpose, it is helpful to exchange with internal and external networks / safer spaces of different diversity dimensions, including BiPoC, in order to identify suitable measures, as well as other supporters and the personnel administration. To establish the network, a core team that takes over the responsibility and organisation of the network work is essential, as is good public relations. The actual network work is oriented towards the above-mentioned goals of the institution. If the goal is to establish a safer space, empowerment workshops for the participants are recommended. If the focus is on a cultural change in one's own institution, there are further options for action: Discussions with the management level on topics that are important for BiPoC (HR department, department heads); discussions with the staff representatives to promote diversity; cooperation with departments that deal with structural changes and change (strategy management); counteracting structural discrimination: developing a diversity-sensitive application and selection procedure, examining discrimination in equal opportunities for promotion, making the lack of representation of BIPoC visible; after consultation, also consider whether external press work is desired.


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