Exploring the connection between food and migration: Food2Gather project

An Insight into Migrants' and their Children's Participation in Food (Belgium, Food2Gather project) by Elodie Razy and Mélanie Vivier

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Start: 24.05.2023
End: 24.05.2023


Elodie Razy (Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Liege, Belgium) and Mélanie Vivier (PhD student, University of Liege, Belgium) questioned the place and the role of asylum seekers, and more precisely of children living with their family in a reception center in the Province of Liège in Belgium, in their participation in food issues.

Based on an ended European research-action in social sciences (Food2gather) and ethnographic data produced with families (adults and children), they aimed to analyze food experiences of people in migration context by giving them a voice. What are the pays, impacts and limits of migrants’ participation ? How age, gender, conditions of living impact their food participation ? How are participatory research methods and migrants’ participation related?


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Diversity and Inclusion | Social inclusion | Social rights | Vulnerability | food access

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