UNIC Lightning Bites: Euskera, a minority language in a globalized world

Eider Inunciaga, Bilbao City Councillor for Basque Language, Public Services, Civic Engagement, Agenda 2030 and Internationalization, presents "Euskera, a minority language in a globalized world".

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Start: 20.02.2024
End: 20.02.2024


Bilbao City Council

In a series of online lightning talks organized by UNIC during International Mother Language Day, participants delve into the theme "Cultivating Inclusive Societies: How to navigate linguistic diversity effectively. In this session, Eider Inunciaga explores the significance of preserving and promoting the Basque language, Euskera, by analysing its history and current context in a globalized society". Through this conversation, the importance of preserving minority languages like Euskera in a superdiversity society is highlighted, emphasizing their role in maintaining cultural diversity and fostering inclusive societies.

5 members of Bilbao City Council 20 academic and administrative staff members


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Diversity and Inclusion | Multilingualism | diversity and inclusion

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