EUC basestone course with Foundation Walking & Talking

Thirty first-year Erasmus University College students were introduced to the Foundation Walking & Talking, their partner during the Basestone Research & Writing Project. These students will work on research questions around the impact and growth opportunities of this social partner.




Start: 11.04.2023


Foundation Walking & Talking

As an effort towards positive social impact, EUR strives to forge a close consultation and collaboration with its societal surroundings. In order to increase the impact capacity of the students, social stakeholders are involved in the education process, who brings with them the societal challenges they are striving to resolve. This incorporation will spark awareness in students of their active roles in resolving social issues.

In this light, first-year Liberal Arts & Science students are introduced to the EUC course "Basestone Research & Writing Project", which equips them with necessary tools and skill sets to conduct a small-scale research project on pressing social challenges. Impact at the Core knowledge broker Andre Hendrikse has involved into the course design a committed social partner: Walking & Talking foundation.

30 EUC students, Walking and Talking foundation

The mission of this foundation is to make non-native speakers feel at home in the Netherlands by speaking the language. This is done by walking three times a week in groups and having one-on-one conversations in Dutch. During the walks, different perspectives from diverse socio-cultural background are exchanged, mutual understanding is stimulated, and social bubbles are broken, resulting in much accompaniment and meaningful conversations.

This initiative is a great example of impact-driven education in practice, which acts as a beacon for further collaborations in future educational activities.


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