Equality and diversity plan in the University of Oulu

The equality and diversity plan is a document in which University of Oulu's operations on promotion of equality and diversity are described.

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The University of Oulu is concurrently an employer, an authority and an educational institution. The University must promote equality and diversity at all levels and in all operator roles of its basic duties. The equality and diversity plan is a document in which this operation is described and instructed. In the current equality and diversity plan of the University of Oulu, the emphasis is on topical and practical procedures in order to promote both equality and diversity. The objective is to consider simultaneously the regulations of both the Act on Equality between Women and Men (609/1986) and the Non-discrimination Act (1325/2014) in the University.

The equality and diversity committee of the University of Oulu reports yearly on how the plan has been carried out to the university management and evaluates yearly up-to-dateness and needs for change concerning the goals and actions and other content of the plan. The plan is updated every two years.



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