Developing a Platform for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing to Support More-Than-Human City Design

Modern cities face significant challenges related to energy consumption and CO2 emissions due to urbanization and industrialization. Smart city solutions aim to mitigate these issues, but they often overlook the perspectives of non-human inhabitants and risk further disconnecting humans from nature. More-Than-Human Design (MTHD) offers a promising framework to address this by considering the needs and perspectives of non-human entities when designing urban spaces.

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The project aims to raise awareness of MTHD among UNIC universities and establish a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing in MTH research, education, and design. By engaging researchers, practitioners, policymakers, teachers, and organizations, the proposal seeks to create a space for interdisciplinary collaboration and promote sustainable, just, and lively post-industrial cities that cater to all stakeholders, human and non-human alike.

Organizing UNIC Universities: Koç University, University of Oulu, Malmö University


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